Mass Spectrometry Unit
Bi-dimentional liquid chromatography system coupled to an hibrid tandem mass spectrometer (triple quadropole – ion trap and QqTOF).

In what concerns analysis of small molecules, as peptides, the system acquires data useful for de novo sequencing and post-translational modifications identification, by combining the triple quadropole with the ion-trap. The fragmentation occurring in the collision cell out-side the ion trap allows access to information not provided by ion-trap fragmentation.

This system allows peptide and metabolite identification in the ion-trap mode, and further highly specific quantification in the triple quadropole mode using Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM). The system is also designed for detection, quantification and validation of biomarkers from biological samples.
Protein identification from digested samples
Metabolite Identification
Protein (from digested samples) and metabolite quantification (using calibration curves or specific quantification markers)
PTM’s Identification
Using the Facility
Samples have to be processed according to lab requirements (quantity and quality). Access to the equipment is restricted to authorized personal with specific knowledge on liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and associated software Due to the variety of possible hardware configurations, samples will be processed taking in consideration hardware configuration, date of arrival and specificity of analysis.
Unit fees
The price per samples depends on sample quality, intended analysis (both hardware and software) and report.
A aquisição destes equipamentos foi financiada através do QREN - Programa Operacional Regional do Centro 2007-2013 com o apoio do Mais Centro e da União Europeia no âmbito do projeto
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Bruno Manadas, PhD
Researcher and Unit Manager

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