The Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC) assumes itself as an organization committed on capturing and developing knowledge and developing new services in order to satisfy the needs of customers and stakeholders, considering the risks and opportunities.
The CNC's Quality Policy is based on a Vision, a Mission, and a set of Values, which constitute the foundations and conditions to guarantee its success.

“To provide specialized, socially responsible, high quality and differentiated services, adapted to the needs of customers, in order to face the new challenges and demands of the markets”.

“Consolidate the status of specialized services provider, asserting itself as a Research Center, supported by quality work and development based on innovation”.

“Ethics and social responsibility, Quality, Customer focus, Commitment, Accuracy, Competence, Credibility, Innovation, Partnership”.

Quality Policy Statement
The Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology establishes as guiding principles for the continuous improvement of its activity:
  Stimulate the initiative, the sense of responsibility and satisfaction of its collaborators
  Create a partnership relationship with Suppliers and other stakeholders
  Customer loyalty, increasing their satisfaction
  Comply with the legislation, regulations and requirements in force applicable to its activities
  Effectively manage risks, preventing or eliminating them
  Create a culture of prevention to do well “at first”
  Effectively control waste and waste production, preventing pollution
  Promote efficiency and effectiveness through planning
  Improve the quality of the organization's activities
  Promote innovation

The Quality Objectives are defined and approved annually at the Quality Management System Review Meeting, and are subsequently transmitted to all collaborators.

Date of Approval: 27th March 2019

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