CNC is a scientific institute that aims to foster biomedical research and multidisciplinary graduate teaching. To cope with the main expected social impact of biomedical research, a strong integrative effort was made to link our basic research achievements to biotechnology and applied research, with partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry and clinical activity.

CNC integrates the CIBB R&D Unit, a strategic partnership between this center and iCBR (a research institute of the University of Coimbra). CIBB brings together in a single hub of excellence the largest critical mass of investigators in Biomedicine and Biotechnology operating in the CENTRO region. It is a FCT-funded R&D Unit (UIDB/04539/2020). More information about CIBB here.

CNC brings together scientists from the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Sciences and Technology, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, and from the Coimbra University Hospitals Center and Portuguese Institute of Oncology. This unique partnership and the interaction with Pharmaceutical Industry have contributed to the CNC relevant activity in basic and applied science, graduate studies and technology transfer.

CNC is a founding partner of BIOCANT and Health Cluster Portugal, in a clear stimulus to the transfer of technology and the creation of new biomedical and biotechnological companies.

The Center is also strongly committed to post-graduate multidisciplinary teaching at the University of Coimbra with a long tradition in graduate teaching. CNC has launched in 2002 a Doctoral Program in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine to provide advanced multidisciplinary research-oriented training in emerging areas of Biology and Biomedicine.

CNC is coordinator of the European Research Networks FOIE GRAS and Sny2psy and belongs to NEURASMUS programme network.

The Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology at the University of Coimbra was one of the 16 National Institutions that signed the Transparency Agreement on Animal Research in Portugal, promoted by the Portuguese Society of Sciences in Laboratory Animals (SPCAL), in collaboration with European Animal Research Association (EARA).

CNC endorsed ALBA Network Declaration on Equity and Inclusion!
ALBA is a network of neuroscientists focused on promoting more inclusive and fair scientific communities. This declaration aims to present concrete actions that individual and organizations can take to promote equity and inclusion.
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As a modern research institution where novel scientific and social challenges arise, CNC is strongly committed to science communication. Our outreach program has the responsibility to develop effective ways of engaging society in scientific research, to spread scientific information, to contribute scientific literacy and to establish strategies that foster positive attitudes towards science and scientists.
Funded by ERDF - European Regional Development Fund through COMPETE 2020 and National Funds via FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, under projects POCI-01-0145-FEDER-007440 e UIDB/04539/2020.

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