Rui M. Barbosa
Assistant Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy; PI at CNC
Group at CNC


Area of Research: 

Our research focuses on the development and use of state-of-the-art sensors and biosensors of micrometer dimensions to directly monitor neurochemical dynamics in living brain tissue in real time. Due to chemical complexity of the brain extracellular space, the detection of these signaling molecules with high spatio-temporal resolution and minimal tissue damage is usually considered a challenging bioanalytical task. The main goal of research comprises the rational design, fabrication, characterization, optimization, and application of (bio)sensors for nitric oxide, glutamate, ascorbate, dopamine, glucose, lactate, pyruvate and choline. Micro sensors were based on carbon fiber microelectrodes that are chemically-modified for improving the selectivity and sensitivity for the molecule of interest. In addition, platinum microelectrode arrays (MEAs) fabricated by photolithographic methods in a well-defined and highly reproducible geometrical configurations are also used for recordings from multiple brain areas and for multiple analyte measurements. These microelectrode arrays were obtained from Center for Microelectrode Technology, University of Kentucky, USA. The long-term goal is to develop analytical and bioanalytical methods leading to the understanding normal brain function and neurodegenerative disorders.

Research Summary:
Selected Publications: 

1- Santos, R. M., Lourenco, C. F., Pomerleau, F., Huettl, P., Gerhardt, G. A., Laranjinha, J. et al. (2011). Brain nitric oxide inactivation is governed by the vasculature. Antioxidant & Redox Signal, 14, 1011-1021. (IF: 7.407) doi:10.1089=ars.2010.3297

2- Laranjinha, J., Santos, R. M., Lourenco, C. F., Ledo, A., & Barbosa, R. M. (2012). Nitric oxide signaling in the brain: translation of dynamics into respiration control and neurovascular coupling. Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci., 1259, 10-18. (IF: 4.383) doi:10.1111/j.1749-6632.2012.06582.x

3- Santos, R. M., Rodrigues, M. S., Laranjinha, J., & Barbosa, R. M. (2013). Biomimetic sensor based on hemin/carbon nanotubes/chitosan modified microelectrode for nitric oxide measurement in the brain. Biosens. &  Bioelectron., 44, 152-159. (IF:6.409) doi:0.1016/j.bios.2013.01.015

4- Ferreira, N. R. Santos, R.M. Laranjinha, J. and  Barbosa, R. M. (2013). Real time in vivo measurement of ascorbate in the brain using carbon nanotube-modified microelectrodes. Electroanalysis, 25, 1757-1763. (IF=2.138) doi:10.102/elan.2012000053

5- Santos, R. M., Laranjinha, J., Barbosa, R. M. and Sirota, A. (2015) Simultaneous measurement of cholinergic tone and neuronal network dynamics in vivo in the rat brain using a novel choline oxidase based electrochemical biosensor. Biosens. & Bioelectron., 69, 83-94. (IF: 6.409) doi:10.1016/j.bios.2015.02.003

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