Cristina Carvalho (Carvalho C)
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Cristina Carvalho achieved her degree in biology in 2007, followed by a Cellular and Molecular biology master in 2008 and a Cellular biology PhD, neurosciences specialization, in 2013. She has a 10-year experience in the research field of neurodegeneration with special focus in type 2 diabetes (T2D)-associated complications as risk factors for neurodegenerative events that could compromise brain homeostasis. Presently, Cristina Carvalho is a postdoctoral researcher at Center for Neurosciences and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra, with a fellowship from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. The spotlight of her research relies on the cellular events underlying neuronal death in T2D and its relevance to Alzheimer's Disease (AD) establishment, putting emphasis on putative tumor suppressor WW domain-containing oxidoreductase (WWOX1) protein and its role in mitochondrial alterations as primary events in those processes. Her curriculum already presents a high number of participations in several national research projects, and more than 40 scientific peer- reviewed and an h-index = 19  and > 1100 citations, according to Google Scholar, highlighting the research article published in 2012 in the renowned journal Diabetes, showing that her work is recognized by the scientific community.



Area of Research: 

Decipher the molecular mechanisms underlying T2D-associated neurodegeration focusing in mitochondrial involvement in the actions mediated by WWOX1 in neuronal cells, accelerating cells damage and neurodegeneration.

Research Summary:
Selected Publications: 

Carvalho C, Cardoso S, Correia SC, Santos RX, Santos MS, Baldeiras I, Oliveira CR, Moreira PI. Metabolic alterations induced by sucrose intake and Alzheimer's disease promote similar brain mitochondrial abnormalities. Diabetes. 2012; 61: 1234-42. (I.F. 8.3)

Carvalho C, Machado N, Mota PC, Correia SC, Cardoso S, Santos RX, Santos MS, Oliveira CR, Moreira PI. Type 2 diabetic and Alzheimer's disease mice present similar behavioral, cognitive, and vascular anomalies. JAlzheimers Dis. 2013; 35: 623-35. (I.F. 3.612)

Carvalho C, Katz PS, Dutta S, Katakam PVG, Moreira PI, Busija DW. Increased susceptibility to β-amyloid toxicity in rat brain microvascular endothelial cells under hyperglycemic conditions. Journal of Alzheimer Disease, 2014; 38(1): 75-83. (I.F. 3.612)

Carvalho C, Santos MS, Oliveira CR, Moreira PI. Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes-related alterations in brain mitochondria, autophagy and synaptic markers. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2015 ;1852(8):1665-75. (I.F. 5.089)

Carvalho C, Correia SC, Cardoso S, Plácido AI, Candeias E, Duarte AI, Moreira PI. The role of mitochondrial disturbances in Alzheimer, Parkinson and Huntington diseases. Expert Rev Neurother. 2015;15(8):867-84. (I.F. 2.783)

Other information: 
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