Alcino Jorge Leitão
Assistant Professor FFUC and Researcher at CNC
Group at CNC

Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences by the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra,
PhD in Organic Chemistry by the Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology / Faculty of Sciences and Technology, New University of Lisbon.
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra since 2002.
Researcher at the Centre for Pharmaceutical Studies up to 2010.
Researcher at the Centre for Neuroscience and Cell Biology of Coimbra since 2011 on the Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery Group.
Teaching in Graduate and Master Courses of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Group of the Faculty of Pharmacy, with the regency of Inorganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry, General and Inorganic Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry and Health.
Member of several councils at the Faculty of Pharmacy, particularly on the Pedagogic Council.
Member of Masters, PhD and Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences juries.



Area of Research: 

Development of new environmentally friendly processes applied to the synthesis of bioactive molecules with pharmacological interest, such as steroids compounds.

Design and synthesis of compounds with potential biological activity. Development of new steroids as selective ligands for the GPR30 receptor and studies on their role in breast cancer.

Synthesis and evaluation of novel monoterpene derivatives aiming to improve their anti-inflammatory properties.


Research Summary:
Selected Publications: 

Kasal, A. and Buděšínský, M. and Mareš, P. and Krištofíková, Z. and Leitão, A.J. and Sá e Melo, M.L. and Silva, M.M.C. (2016) Neurosteroids: Can a 2alpha,3alpha-epoxy ring make up for the 3alpha-hydroxyl group? Steroids, 105, 12-18. I. F. 2.639

Salvador, J. A. R., Carvalho, J. F. S., Neves, M. A. C., Silvestre, S. M., Leitão, A. J. L., Silva M. M. C. & Sá e Melo, M. L. (2013). Anticancer steroids: linking natural and semi-synthetic compounds. Nat. Prod. Rep., 30, 324-374. I.F. 10.107

Leitão, A. J. L., Salvador, J. A. R., Pinto, R. M. A. & Sá e Melo, M. L. (2008). Hydrazine sulphate: a cheap and efficient catalyst for the regioselective ring-opening of epoxides. A metal-free procedure for the preparation of b-alkoxy alcohols. Tetrahedron Lett., 49, 1694-1697. I. F. 2.38

Barros, M.T., Henriques A. S., Leitão, A. J. & Maycock, C. D. (2002). Synthesis and some reactions of 2-acyl-2-alkyl-1,3-dithiolane 1,1-dioxides. Helvetica Chimica Acta, 85, 4079-4085. I. F. 1.14

Barros, M.T., Leitão, A. J. & Maycock, C. D. (1997). Enhanced Diastereo and Enantioselectivity in the Formation of Acyldithiolane Sulphoxides by the Asymmetric Oxidation of Their Enolsilyl Ethers. Tetrahedron Letters, 38, 5047-5050. DOI: 10.1016/S0040-4039(97)01101-5; I.F. 2.38

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