Catarina Praça Almeida
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PhD Student
Group at CNC

In 2009 I obtained my degree in Biomedical Sciences-Minor in Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Aveiro with a final grade of 16 out of 20, and in 2011 I obtained a master's degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of Coimbra, with the final grade of 17 out of 20. During my master I developed a project entitled The effect of methamphetamine on the crosstalk between endothelial cells and astrocytes under the supervision of Dr. Ana Paula Silva at IBILI.  In 2011 I have enrolled the 10th Ed. of PDBEB in the Centre for Neuroscience and Cell Biology. At the present moment I’m developing my phd project under the supervision of Dr. Lino Ferreira.




Area of Research: 

Blood Brain Barrier
Stem Cells
Stem cells derived endothelial cells Development of nanoformulations to target the brain

Selected Publications: 

Cecchelli R, Aday S, Sevin E, Almeida C, Culot M, et al. (2014) A stable and reproducible human blood-brain barrier model derived from hematopoietic stem cell. PLoS One 9(6): e99733. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099733; Impact Factor: 3,53

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