Pitrez, Patricia Raquel
?231 419 040
PhD student
Group at CNC

Degree in Biological Engineering in University of Minho (2004-2009);
Master Work / study under the scope of the Erasmus Placement program. Novo Nordisk A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark (2009).
Assistant Researcher (BI – Bolsa de Investigação), Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Department of Chemical Engineering, Portugal. PhD Student in the MIT-Portugal Program Bioengineering System (2010-2014).



Area of Research: 

Microtechnologies for cell maturation and three-dimensional organization. Microfluidics. Cell and Tissue Engineering. Bioengineering. Nanobiotechnology and Biomaterials. Stem Cells and human pluripotent stem  Cells. Pathologies affecting ageing, namely Progeria.

Research Summary: 
Other information: 
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