Sandra Pinto
231 249 211
Research assistant
Group at CNC

2016: PhD in Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology  (Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia, Spain)
2006: MSc Degree in Biochemistry (Faculty of Science and Technology of Coimbra University,Portugal)



Area of Research: 

Use of nanomaterial to modulate cell activity


Research Summary:
Selected Publications: 

Rai A, Pinto S, Velho T, Moita C, Ferreira AF, Trivedi U, Evangelista M, Comune M, Rumbaugh KP, Simões PN, Moita L, Ferreira L. One-step synthesis of high-density peptide-conjugated gold nanoparticles with antimicrobial efficacy in a systemic infection model (accepted in Biomaterials, IF:8.557)

Rai A, Pinto S, Evangelista M, Gil H, Kallip S, Ferreira M, Ferreira L. High-density antimicrobial peptide coating with broad activity and low cytotoxicity against human cells (accepted in Acta Biomaterialia, IF:6.025)

Pinto S, Martínez-Romero A, O'Connor JE, Gil-Benso R, San-Miguel T, Terradez L, Monteagudo C and Callaghan R. Coexpression of CXC- and CC- chemokine receptors and their ligands in human melanoma cell lines and dynamic variations after xenotransplantation. BMC Cancer. 2014 Feb 22;14:118. IF:3.362

Tolosa L, Pinto S, Donato MT, Lahoz A, Castell JV, O’Connor JE, Gómez-Lechón MJ. Development of a multiparametric cell-based protocol to screen and classify the hepatotoxicity potential of drugs. Toxicological Sciences 2012 May;127(1):187-98. IF:3.854

Hollenbach JA, Meenagh A, Sleator C, Alaez C, Bengoche M, Canossi A, Contreras G, Creary L, Evseeva I, Gorodezky C, Hardie RA, Karlsen TH, Lie B, Luo M, Martinetti M, Navarette C, de Oliveira DC, Ozzella G, Pasi A, Pavlova E, Pinto S, Porto LC, Santos P, Slavcev A, Srinak D, Tavoularis S, Tonks S, Trachtenberg E, Vejbaesya S and Middleton D. Report from the killer immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR) anthropology component of the 15th International Histocompatibility Workshop: worldwide variation in the KIR loci and further evidence for the co-evolution of KIR and HLA. Tissue Antigens. 2010 Jul;76(1):9-17. IF:2.137

Other information: 
Financiado por Fundos FEDER através do Programa Operacional Factores de Competitividade – COMPETE 2020 e por Fundos Nacionais através da FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia no âmbito do projecto Estratégico com referência atribuida pelo COMPETE: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-007440

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