Patrícia M Seraphim
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She concluded her graduation course in Biological Sciences in the São Paulo University, USP, Brazil. She concluded her Master in Sciences (Human Physiology) in 1997 at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICB) - USP, São Paulo, Brazil, and Doctoral in Sciences (Human Physiology) in 2001 at ICB-USP, São Paulo, Brazil. In 2003 she was hired as Professor at the “Campus do Litoral Paulista” of Sao Paulo State University Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), teaching different subjects such as Animal Physiology, Human Physiology and Compared Animal Anatomy, and in 2005 she became Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology, UNESP - Presidente Prudente Campus, where she works until now teaching Human Physiology. Throughout his academic career she has been working with different models of insulin resistance and physical training, investigating expression of proteins related to cell metabolism in the skeletal muscle, cardiac tissue, white adipose tissue.



Area of Research: 

Mechanisms of expression of proteins involved in the regulation of glucose metabolism and inflammation in the skeletal muscle and adipose tissue of different models of insulin resistance. To detect the effect of resistance exercise training and/or aerobic exercise on the expression of proteins in muscle metabolism and inflammation. Activity and mitochondrial biogenesis in the skeletal muscle, heart and adipose tissue of animal models of obesity, diabetes and exercise.

Research Summary:
Selected Publications: 

1.    Ebersbach-Silva P, Alves T, Fonseca A T S, Oliveira M A N, Machado U F, Seraphim, P M. Cigarette Smoke Exposure Severely Reduces Peripheral Insulin Sensitivity Without Changing Glut4 Expression In Oxidative Muscle Of Wistar Rats. Arquivos Brasileiros De Endocrinologia E Metabologia (Impresso). , V.57, P.19 - 26, 2013.
2.    Silveira L, Monteiro P, Antunes B M M, Seraphim, P M, Fernandes R, Christofaro D G, Freitas-Júnior I. Intra-Abdominal Fat Is Related To Metabolic Syndrome And Non-Alcoholic Fat Liver Disease In Obese Youth. Bmc Pediatrics (Online). , V.13, P.115 - , 2013.
3.    Alves T, Guarnier F A, Campoy F A S, Gois M O, Albuquerque M C, Seraphim, P. M., Netto Junior J., Vanderlei L C M, Padovani C R, Cecchini R, Pastre C M. Strength Gain Through Eccentric Isotonic Training Without Changes In Clinical Signs Or Blood Markers. Bmc Musculoskeletal Disorders (Online). , V.14, P.328 - , 2013.
4.    Panveloski-Costa AC, Pinto Júnior DA, Brandão BB, Moreira RJ, Machado UF, Seraphim PM.Resistive training reduces inflammation in skeletal muscle and improves the peripheral insulin sensitivity in obese rats induced by hyperlipidic diet. Braz Arch Endo Metabol 2011 Mar; 55(2):155-63. doi: 10.1590/S0004-27302011000200008.
5.    Seraphim PM, Nunes MT, Giannocco G, Machado UF. Age related obesity-induced shortening of GLUT4 mRNA poly(A) tail length in rat gastrocnemius skeletal muscle. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2007 Sep 30;276(1-2):80-7. Epub 2007 Jul 12.

Other information:

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