Mariana Conceição
PhD Student
Group at CNC

She carried out her studies in Portugal, at the University of Coimbra, where she received her Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences degree in 2010. During the course, she acquired a strong interest in pharmaceutical biotechnology and a will to prosecute her career on research of novel strategies for the treatment of otherwise untreatable disorders. Since November of 2010, she is doing her PhD integrated in a project that involves the investigation of new strategies for gene therapy of neurodegenerative disorders.



Area of Research: 

Her current research interests include the investigation of new strategies for gene therapy of fatal and incurable neurodegenerative disorders, particularly Machado-Joseph disease. Specifically, she is very interested in the development of non-viral vectors with capability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier to deliver gene silencing molecules to neurons, after non-invasive administration.

Research Summary:
Other information:ção-ci-conceição/24/932/81a

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