Animal House
The Animal House is a shared resource that provides services in laboratory animal experimentation and husbandry, for all CNC and FMUC scientists using animals in their research. This facility offers the following services: complete husbandry, including feeding, watering, daily cage changing, as well as routine procurement, inventory and care.
Faculty of Medicine, Pólo I, University of Coimbra
4th floor
Working Hours
Monday to Friday,  8:00 – 12:30 / 13:30 – 17:00
Using the Facility
Investigators should contact the General Coordinator if they wish to house animals in the facility. Investigators must have an approved project to acquire and use animals. Prior to initiating a lab animal research project, investigators are encouraged to discuss plans with the General Coordinator and Animal Caretakers so an appropriate animal care program can be planned.
Animal Request
All animals to be housed in the animal house facility must be ordered through the Animal House email address. Investigators should complete and return an Animal Request Form (ARF – word format) to the email address ( The Animal House office must receive this form at least two weeks prior to the proposed initiation of the project. Remember to allow sufficient time for animals to acclimate to their new surroundings after arrival at Animal Facility, before starting any experimental work.

Subsequent orders for daily use of the requested animals should be ordered by the Animal Daily Order (ADO – word format) at least 24h before their use if possible.
Use Procedure Rooms
The Facility has two rooms available for maintenance of animals on experimentation conditions. The personnel provide routine daily care (except weekends) for all laboratory animals housed in these rooms.
During the experimental procedures, investigators are responsible for maintaining the room in clean and uncluttered condition and appropriate waste disposal.
For further information please contact:
Scientific Responsible
João Laranjinha, PhD
General Coordinator
Carmen Simião
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