Carl Zeiss Axio Observer Z1
Microscope overview
The Axio Observer Z1 system is a fully motorized inverted widefield microscope, which is ideal for live imaging experiments. It is equipped with a large stage incubator for temperature and humidity control and a stage CO2 incubator.
The system is equipped with a CCD digital camera (Axiocam HRm) and a digital CMOS camera (ORCA Flash 4.0)
The ZEN Blue software allows to fully control the microscope and the cameras, allowing the acquisition of multidimensional images (multi-channel, time series, z-stack, tiles or multi-positions).
Charge Rates (€/hour – with IVA)
  Illumination CNC Goups External Academic Groups Commercial Use
Self-Use Fluorescence 2 4 8
Transmission 1,5 3 6
- The charge for CNC users corresponds to consumables and 50% of service contracts / parts replacement.
- Imaging acquisition by MICC technician will be charged 3€ per hour (excluding training and technical support).
- Reservations can be cancelled up to 12h prior to booked starting time.
- Unused reservations will be charged at full rate.
Filter Sets
Filter Set Excitation Beam Splitter Emission Possible Dyes
Set 49 G 365 FT 395 BP 445/50 DAPI, Hoechst
Set 38 (HE) BP 470/40 FT 495 BP 525/50 FITC, Alexa 488
Set 31 BP 565/30 FT 585 BP 620/60 Alexa 568, mCherry
Set 50 BP 640/30 FT 660 BP 690/50 Alexa 667, Cy5
Objective Magnification Numerical Aperture Medium Observation
EC Plan-Neofluar 10x 0,3 air  
Plan-Apochromat 20x 0,8 air  
Plan-Apochromat 40x 0,95 air Correction Ring (Korr)
(Coverglass thickness 0.13-0.21mm)
EC Plan-Neofluar 40x 1,3 oil  
Plan-Apochromat 63x 1,4 oil DIC
The acquisition and analysis of images is performed on the Zen Blue software 2012.
The software has the following modules:
- Multichannel
- Time series
- Tiles and multi-position
- z-Stack
- 3D VisArt
- Extended Focus
- Software Autofocus
- Experiment Manager
- Measurements
- Advance Processing
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