Functional Microscope: Carl Zeiss Axiovert 200 with perfusion system
Microscope overview
Inverted widefield microscope designed for single cell calcium measurements. It is equipped with a Lambda-DG4 xenon lamp, allowing fast wavelength switching. Additionally, its sensitive cooled CCD camera (Roper Scientific CoolSnap EQ CCD) allows you to capture weak fluorescent signals and minimize photobleaching/ photodamage in light sensitive samples. The MetaFluor Imaging Software is designed for dual-wavelength intracellular ion measurements. The software allows simultaneous display of the raw data; ratio image; graphs of intensities, ratios, and ion concentration. Two different indicators can be imaged and measured simultaneously to provide greater insight to ion exchange and intracellular function regardless of dye loading concentrations, conditions, or emission intensities.
Charge Rates (€/hour – with IVA)
  CNC Goups External Academic Groups Commercial Use
Self-Use 1,4 2 4
- The charge for CNC users corresponds to consumables and 50% of service contracts / parts replacement.
- Imaging acquisition by MICC technician will be charged 3€ per hour (excluding training and technical support).
- Reservations can be cancelled up to 12h prior to booked starting time.
- Unused reservations will be charged at full rate.
Filter Sets (Microscope)
Filter Set Excitation Beam Splitter Emission Possible Dyes
Set 10 BP 470/20 FT 510 BP 540/50 FITC, Alexa 488
Set 15 BP 546/12 FT 580 LP 590 Rhodamina
Fura 2   BS 400 BP 510/30 Fura 2
Fura + Rhod   BS 430/60, 500/60, 570 BP 510/30 BP600/60 BP 510/30 BP600/60 Fura 2+TMRM
Set 02 G365 FT 395 LP 420 DAPI
Filter Sets (Lambda-DG4 lamp house)
Filter Set Excitation Possible Dyes
340 BP 340/20 Fura 2
380 BP 380/20 Fura 2
548 BP 548/20 TMRM
Objective Magnification Numerical Aperture Medium Observation
PlanNeofluar 5x 0,15   Ph1
PlanNeofluar 20x 0,5   Ph2
Fluar 40x 1,3 oil DIC
Fluar 100x 1,3 oil DIC
The acquisition and analysis of images is performed in the Metafluarn software.
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