Pharmacology of New Chemical Entities
Nuno Pires Bial, Lisbon

Euclides Pires Auditorium
UC-Biotech, Cantanhede

Host: Hugo Fernandes

Nuno Pires, Ph.D.
Nuno Pires concluded a degree in Applied Biology at the School of Sciences from the University of Minho in 2002. As an undergraduate he took an Erasmus Mundus program at the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in Leiden. Nuno obtained his Ph.D. in Medicine of the University of Leiden in 2006. His Ph.D. research was conducted mainly in the area of vascular biology and experimental cardiology. He is author or co-author of more than 30 publications and book chapters and has presented over 50 communications at international conferences. In 2007 he was a post-doc at the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute, University of Minho. In the same year, he joined the Laboratory of Pharmacology at BIAL - Portela & Cª, S.A. as a pharmacologist and in 2011 became the senior pharmacologist at BIAL. In 2015, he was appointed Manager of the Experimental Models and Biomarkers Unit of the Laboratory of Pharmacology at BIAL.
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