Overcoming challenges in scientific careers
Biomedical Research Post-Doctoral Forum @UC  23rd March 2018

Preparing and defining a career plan is a tremendously challenging task for young scientists. In the last few decades, investment by the Government has allowed Life Sciences and Biomedicine students to pursue a PhD in our country, but after graduation many face a future of uncertainty. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Portugal to absorb the highly-qualified professionals that are formed every year by our Universities.

The symposium "Overcoming Challenges in Scientific Careers", the Biomedical Research Post-Doctoral Forum@UC aims at creating an opportunity for PhD holders and PhD students to reflect on their career paths and make informed choices, by contacting and hearing from people of diverse scientific backgrounds.

The symposium is organized by the post-doctoral representatives of CNC.IBILI and it counts with an excellent panel of speakers, that includes University professors, entrepreneurs, pharmaceutical industry workers and science communication agents. The ensuing discussion will hopefully bear fruitful insights for everyone interested in making the most out of their scientific education.

In our website, you can find all the information you need including the scientific programme, how to apply and participate and how this event may be helpfull for you future career in Science!

Please be aware that the applications start on February 1st and that we have an early and late registration fees. Also, we have a limited number of seats so, start you application now!

If you have any doubts, don´t hesitate to contact us to the email: pdoc.representatives@cnc.uc.pt.

We hope to see you in our Forum!
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