Gene transfer with viral vectors: From basic science to clinical applications
Seppo Ylä-Herttuala A.I. Virtanen Research Institute for Molecular Sciences University of Kuopio, Finland
February 17th 2012, 12h00, CNC Auditorium (2nd floor, old FMUC building, Pólo I)

Host: Lino Ferreira

Seppo Yla-Herttuala holds a M.D. from University of Tampere (Finland) and a Ph.D. (Medicine) from the same university. Currently, he is a Professor of Molecular Medicine at the University of Kuopio (Finland) and a Researcher Professor at the Finnish Academy of Sciences. Seppo Ylä-Herttuala is the Head of the Cardiologic Disorders and Diabetes Type 2 department of the A.I. Virtanen Research Institute for Molecular Sciences at the University of Kuopio. His research interests include cardiovascular diseases, namely, their pathogenic mechanisms, genetic background, new clinical treatments and methods of prevention. He has published more than 400 peer-reviewed in the areas of neovascularization, gene therapy, heart regeneration, and stem cells.

Selected publications:
1-    VEGFR-3 controls tip to stalk conversion at vessel fusion sites by reinforcing Notch signaling. Nat Cell Biol 2011, 13(10), 1202-13;
2-    Vascular endothelial growth factor B controls endothelial fatty acid uptake. Nature 2010, 464, 917-921;
3-    Efficient regulation of VEGF expression by promoter-targeted lentiviral shRNAs based on epigenetic mechanism: a novel example of epigenetherapy. Circulation Research 2009, 105(6), 604-609.
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