The Public Outreach Programme developed by CNC offers opportunities to develop partnerships with schools and to extend our scientific resources to the community. The Programme is designed to engage students in their science studies and potential careers related to the life sciences, and to broaden the public’s access to science.

By working closely and cooperatively with the researchers, the Science Communication Office of CNC intends to help disseminating scientific advances to the benefit of society and to the research process itself, liaising between the different areas of the research institute, the media, and the publics.

Our outreach efforts have the enthusiastic involvement of the Center’s research staff, graduate and undergraduate students.
The Team:
Adalberto Fernandes
Sara Amaral
Cláudia Cavadas (Coordinator)
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Although communication is an innate human ability, communicating science requires knowledge not only of science, but of information technologies, journalism, and visual communication, which might pose significant challenges for many. Several science communication workshops have been promoted by CNC in order to provide scientists with the tools to make their work public even more effectively (either to peers, students, the media, the general public, funding agencies and others); to promote the public interest and participation in science; to deliver outreach activities to the community. All workshops had the collaboration of scientists, science communicators and journalists.

We will be announcing here every new workshop. Below you can find our last events:

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Registration Fees:
Free for
PhD students developing research @ CNC.IBILI and registered in the PhD Programs:
• PhD in Biological and Experimental Biology (BEB) - IIIUC
• PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences – FFUC
• PhD in Health Sciences – FMUC
• Inter-University Doctoral Programme in Ageing and Chronic Disease – FMUC
• PhD in Biosciences – FCTUC
• Other PhD programmes with CNC commitment
• PhD Researchers from CNC.IBILI

PhD Students from other PhD Programs - 10 euros

PhD Researchers, Pos-docs or other professionals not from CNC.IBILI - 20 euros

Advanced course Soft skills for PhD students in Biomedical Research
16 -18 May 2016, CNC, Coimbra

Organized by
Science Communication Office
CNC - Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra,
Cláudia Cavadas, Adalberto Fernandes & Sara Amaral

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Advanced course for post-graduate students and researchers, June 19 – 21, 2013.
This course was co-organized with the Center for Social Studies (CES). For more information please check here.
Advanced course for post-graduate students and researchers, June 21 – 22, 2012.
For more information please check here.
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