A strong and valuable interaction has been developed between the CNC and the Clinical Faculty in an attempt to catalyze the development of translational science. From this interaction emerged the Biomedical Inter-Institutional Research Programme involving the CNC, the University Hospitals of Coimbra (HUC), the Hospital Center of Coimbra (CHC) and the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO).
Psychiatry Research: Molecular Genetics Studies of Complex Disorders
António Ferreira de Macedo, Ana Telma Pereira (FMUC, CNC)
Neurology Research: Studies on Neurodegenerative Disorders
Luis Cunha, Isabel Santana (FMUC, CHUC); Inês Baldeiras, Catarina Oliveira (FMUC, CNC)
Research in neurodegenerative diseases: C9orf72 repeat expansion (GGGGCC) in a series of Portuguese FTLD individuals
Maria Rosário Almeida, Isabel Santana, Beatriz Santiago (FMUC, CNC)
Research in neurodegenerative diseases: progranulin peripheral levels as a screening tool for the identification of subjects with PGRN mutations in a Portuguese cohort
Maria Rosário Almeida, Inês Baldeiras, Maria Helena Ribeiro, Beatriz Santiago, Cristina Machado, João Massano, Joana Guimarães, Catarina Resende Oliveira, Isabel Santana (FMUC, CNC)
Research in gliomas: diagnostic and prognostic value of the IDH1 codon 132 mutation and MGMT promoter methylation in gliomas
Maria Rosário Almeida, Olinda Rebelo, Herminio Tão (FMUC, CNC)
Reverse Translational Biomedical Research in Bigenomic Disorders and Personalized Medicine
Manuela Grazina
Dermatology research
Margarida Gonçalo (HUC), Américo Figueiredo (FMUC, HUC), Teresa Cruz (FFUC, CNC), Bruno Neves (UA), Celeste Lopes (FFUC, CNC)
Arthritis research
Fernando Judas (HUC, FMUC), Alexandrina Mendes (FFUC, CNC) Carlos Cavaleiro (FFUC, CEF), Ali Mobasheri (U. Nottingham,U.K.), Celeste Lopes (FFUC, CNC)
Research in brain tumors
Alberto Orfão (CSIC, University Salamanca), Maria Dolores Tabernero (University Hospital, Salamanca), Hermínio Tão (HUC), Olinda Rebelo (HUC), Marcos Barbosa (FMUC, HUC), Anália do Carmo (CNC), M. Celeste Lopes (FFUC, CNC)
Yeast nosocomial infections
Rui Soares, Graça Rocha, Andrea Speigel, Marta Mota, António Meliço-Silvestre, António Vieira, Teresa Gonçalves (FMUC, CHUC, CNC)Hepatic metabolism in Diabetes
Novel techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of human Infertility
Teresa Almeida Santos, Ana Paula Sousa, Alexandra Amaral, Renata Tavares, Marta Baptista, Raquel Brito, J. F. Velez de la Calle, Helena Figueiredo, Vasco Almeida, João Ramalho-Santos (Clinique Pasteur, Brest, France, Gaia Hospital, University of Oporto, FMUC, CHUC, FCTUC, CNC)
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