Translational research and technology transfer have progressively been developed in CNC leading to a promising interaction with Industry and local authorities. The outcome of this interaction was the participation of CNC as a founding member of ABAP (an Association involving seven Municipal Councils of the Center Region of Portugal) aiming at knowledge based development. The main contribution of CNC for that goal was the creation of the technology transfer unit (Biocant) in collaboration with Cantanhede Municipal Council. This unit became the anchor of Biocant Park a Biotechnology Park that is rapidly growing by attracting new Biotechnology companies.
BIOCANT – Center for Innovation in Biotechnology
Biocant is a non-profit association aiming of the transfer of the technology and human resources in the Biotechnology Area. The founding partners of this association are CNC, Cantanhede Municipal Council), and ABAP.

Biocant started to operate in September 2005, under the scientific supervision of Prof. Carlos Faro (Univ. Coimbra). Each of Biocant’s research units proceeded during 2006 the development of projects in collaboration with industry (pharmaceutics, wine, cork). Investigators from CNC were invited to integrate the research teams responsible for those projects.

Biocant is presently organized into seven main functional units with highly qualified teams and state of art equipment: Genomics, Cellular Biology, Molecular Biotechnology, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, System Biology, Tissue Engineering, and Advanced Services. Biocant provides services and R&D activities based on post-genomic platforms such as whole-genome sequencing, DNA chips, proteomics, interactomics and metabolomics.

For more information visit Biocant´s website.
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