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Luis Cunha, Isabel Santana (FMUC, CHUC); Inês Baldeiras, Catarina Oliveira (FMUC, CNC)
Studies on Neurodegenerative Disorders
Biomarkers for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer´s Disease (AD) is one of our main areas of interest. In this context, under the scope of the project PIC/IC/83206/2007, we have determined the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) levels of Aβ42, t-tau and p-tau in a group of 170 AD patients, 135 controls (100 FTLD patients and 35 controls without cognitive impairment) and 90 MCI patients.

First, a cross-sectional study involving non-demented controls and AD patients was done in order to establish cut-off values for the CSF biomarkers and sensitivity and specificity figures, to differentiate between AD and controls were calculated. All markers, and ratios between them (t-tau/Aβ42 and Aβ42/p-tau), exhibited areas under the ROC curves (AUC) above 0.80, and the ratio Aβ42/p-tau resulted in sensitivity and specificity levels above 85%. Based on the above analysis, we established criteria for CSF profile classification, assuming that a typical CSF-AD profile would represent a high-risk of progression to AD in MCI patients. Out of the 90 patients diagnosed with MCI, 46 had a CSF profile typical of AD (MCI-AD, p>0.05 for all CSF markers), presented with lower MMSE scores and higher ADAS-Cog scores than MCI-nonAD patients and ApoE-ε4 allele distribution was significantly increased in the MCI-AD group (Baldeiras I, Santana I, Garrucho MH, Pascoal R, Lemos R, Santiago B, Oliveira CR. Sinapse 2012;12 (2):14-22).
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Inês Baldeiras, Isabel Santana, Maria Helena Garrucho, Rui Pascoal, Raquel Lemos, Beatriz Santiago, Catarina Resende de Oliveira .(2012). CSF biomarkers for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in a routine clinical setting – the first Portuguese study. Sinapse;12 (2):14-22.

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