Yeast nosocomial infections
Rui Soares, Graça Rocha, Andrea Speigel, Marta Mota, António Meliço-Silvestre, António Vieira, Teresa Gonçalves (FMUC, CHUC, CNC)
HIV-1 Vpr variants in mother-child pairs. Using a yeast model to predict AIDS progression
We pretend to characterize HIV-°©-1 Vpr variants in two subpopulations of HIV-°©-1 infected patients, Long term non progressors (LTNP) and Fast Progressors (FP). This clinical classification is based on several parameters measured by clinicians in charge. This study, partially completed with the LTNP patients characterization, will enable to detect the most frequent mutations in Portuguese-°©‐infected population. A collaboration between the research group and the Serviço de Infecciosas do Hospital dos Covões, CHUC from Coimbra allows gathering, until now, blood samples from 60 HIV1-°©-infected individuals, with no symptoms that have not yet initiated therapy, classified as LTNP.; 30 HIV1-°©-infected patients with primary AIDS symptoms that initiated a year-°©‐ago HAART. A group of patients, considered Fast Progressors will also be studied. In the viruses carried by these patients it will be characterized the Vpr genomic variants
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