Intermediary Metabolism
John Griffith Jones
Group Leader
Ph.  +351 239 820190
Skype  John Griffith Jones
Research interests/highlights
Development of noninvasive stable isotope tracer methods for analysis of human intermediary metabolism.
Understanding the role of the Krebs cycle in hepatic glucose and lipid metabolism.
Hepatic insulin resistance and its relationship to glucose and lipid metabolism.
Optimizing nutrition of farmed fish through hepatic metabolic profiling.
Group members
Ivana Jarak
CNC Investigator
Teresa Delgado
Postdoctoral Fellow
Cristina Barosa
Ph.D. Student
Ivan Viegas
Ph.D. Student
João Duarte
Ph.D. student
Fátima Martins
BEB , Ph.D. Student
Sara Figureido
Masters Student
Margarida Coelho
Masters Student
Paula Sofia da Silva
Masters Student
Ana Rita Simoes
Filipa Carvalho
Further Information and Publications
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