MitoXT Services
Principal Investigators: Paulo J. Oliveira, Ph.D., Teresa Cunha-Oliveira, Ph.D., Vilma A. Sardão, Ph.D.

MitoXT Services aims to analyze the toxicity and the safety of compounds using mitochondria as reliable and precise biosensors. This service may assist research groups or pharmaceutical/nutrition companies at assessing the toxicity and safety of compounds intended for human use, including at preclinical stages of drug discovery and development. Our toxicological tests are highly reliable, enabling a timely screening of toxic compounds, in order to avoid future warnings that limit their use in humans or the appearance of long-term adverse effects. In addition, we can help companies or research groups to validate the use of specific molecules or biological extracts as mitochondrial “protectants”, paving the way for their therapeutic application.

One of our technological platforms is the Seahorse XFe96 Extracellular Flux Analyzer, the only equipment of this kind in Portugal which offers certified analyses of the cellular respiration profile in the presence of compounds to be tested.

We can also offer services focusing on the characterization of mitochondrial function in cells in culture (e.g. control vs. patient; normal vs. tumor) based on the Seahorse XFe96 platform for high-throughput metabolic analyzes, and complemented by other assays to provide a full picture of mitochondrial metabolism in the intact cell.

Novel technology in our laboratory includes the CETICS TOXXs analyzer which allows for high-throughput FADU (fluorescence-associated DNA-unwinding) assay for DNA damage/repair capacity and the CETICS SPECCs analyzer, which obtains mid-range infra-red spectra in biological samples (or others) for disease staging or detection of a species of interest. Further equipment which can be used to provide specific services for third parties include a Citation 3 and Victor X3 plate readers, qRT-PCR machines and one epifluorescence microscope.

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